DIY: Pearl Textured Manicure

I’ve seen many “textured” manicures in magazines and on various social media sites so I figured I’d give it a go… preeetty successful if I do say so myself!!


All you need is a few simple products:

1.) (optional) Base Coat (Revlon: Quick Dry Base Coat 955)

2.) Nail polish colour of your choice (I chose OPI in Care to Danse?)

3.) Your Texture (I used Essence: Effect Nails in Pearl – found at Shoppers Drugmart, super inexpensive)

4.) Top Coat (Wet N Wild: Wild Shine Clear Nail Protector 401A)


Simple Steps:

1.) Apply your base coat and allow to dry.  I usually apply base coat before painting my nails for a full manicure effect, but it shouldn’t impact your texture whether you apply a base coat or not.

2.) Apply your polish solely to the nail you wish to add texture to, allow for the polish to become tacky (by waiting a couple seconds for it to begin the drying process) then sprinkle on your texture.  I sprinkled mine over a bowl, but a piece of paper or magazine will do the trick to save excess to be reused, or to prevent a mess! Repeat this process upon every nail that you wish to add texture to then allow for a few moments to settle in and dry. NOTE: if you do not wish to have a colour underneath your texture you can use top coat instead of polish for the above step.

3.) Apply your polish to the rest of your bare nails, give time to dry in between coats.

4.) Apply your top coat – very carefully – upon your texture, but sure to have ample lacquer on the brush to avoid pulling your texture along the nail.  Then allow to dry and apply the top coat on the remaining nails for a glossy finish!

And that’s all it takes, it’s really quite simple for something that looks like it took a great deal of effort! Give it a try and let me know what kinds of textures you decided to use (: !!



Cupid’s Cupcakes

A fellow blogger of mine ( posted about a local spot for cupcakes in a recent week so I thought I would check it out… boy, was I impressed!



I had “The Prince” which is: Signature chocolate buttermilk cake, dreamy blue vanilla frosting, & chocolate shavings.  It was delicious, and I’m not usually big on cakes and other baked goods, and even when I am, I’m not a huge fan of icing, BUT WOWWW this icing was so delicious! I checked out their website when I got home later today and noticed they have daily “Chef Specials” and a Menu of their regular and seasonal flavours.

Their two locations are in Oakville and Burlington where the address can be found on their website: Cupid’s Cupcakes

I would definitely recommend checking out their website and flavours before going into the store, as they only have a select number of flavours in each day (the cupcakes and made fresh daily) …this will ensure that you don’t show up and become disappointed that the flavour that suits you best isn’t in!


Quick Tip – Eyebrow Grooming

Many people are confused and become overwhelmed with the daunting task of grooming and maintaining their eyebrows. They spend hundreds of dollars on waxes, shaping, and threading every year! Here’s a little 4 step guide that will help you down the path of saving money, and grooming those brows right from home!


In no particular order

1.) Use a pencil or tweezers as a guide and align it from the outer edge of your nose up toward your eyebrows.  This will determine where your eyebrow should begin.  Anything inward of this can be plucked.

2.) Use the same pencil/tweezers and angle it from the same edge of your nose and align it to the outer corner of your eye.  This will determine the ending point (or how long) your eyebrow should be.

3.) To determine where the arch of your eyebrow should begin, use the same pencil/tweezers as a guide and, looking straight into a mirror, place your guide beside the outer edge of your pupil.

4.) Once you have determined where your brow should begin, end, and arch.. clean up the strays outside of these points to your desired eyebrow shape that best fits your face shape!


Sally Hansen: In Prompt Blue

I have mentioned this colour in a couple posts now and just thought I would share my experience with it!!

I had been looking for a fresh, bold blue coloured polish for a while now and stumbled upon “In Prompt Blue” one day and thought I would give it a try.  I have used Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri collection many times before and I am more than satisfied with the product line as it really does hold up to its “insta-dri” name.  With one thin coat it really does dry instantly, the second coat needs a minute or so longer, but nothing in comparison to OPI or other leading nail lacquer companies.


Now for the colour…

I am absolutely obsessed with the colour.  The picture doesn’t exactly serve this colour justice, as it sort of appears to be similar to a cobalt blue, rather than a smoky royal blue I would like to call it? There is a grey, muted quality to the blue that I find looks really expensive and trendy compared to most bold blues that usually have a cheap, stark, electric hue that comes across kind of harsh against my paler skin.


All in all I couldn’t help but share my experience with this lovely new polish I have recently purchased, and hope some of you dare to give it a whirl as well!



Get To Know Your Face Shape



Oval – Jessica Alba & Charlize Theron

An Oval face shape is the most ideal face shape.  The face is longer than it is wide and the jaw is narrower than the cheekbones.  An Oval shaped face can be divided into three equal parts.  From the forehead to the brow bone, from the brow bone to the end of the nose, and from the end of the nose to the tip of the chin.  This face shape had no dominant features, and because of it’s equal proportions, an Oval shaped face can pull of most hair lengths and styles!

Oblong – Sarah Jessica Parker

An Oblong face shape is defined by a very long, narrow bone structure.

Round – Kirsten Dunst & Selena Gomez

A Round shaped face has fullness below the cheekbones and can be defined by its circular outline.

Diamond – Scarlett Johansson

A Diamond shaped face is narrow at the forehead and chin, and wide at the cheekbones.

Heart – Reese Witherspoon & Eva Longoria

Heart shaped faces have a very wide forehead, that tapers down the face to a narrow, very defined chin.  The individual often has a widow’s peak hair line to give this face a true heart shape.

Square – Demi Moore & Olivia Wilde

A Square face shape has very angular, sharp edges with width at the forehead and jaw.  The jaw line has profound harsh edges and a defined square shape.

Which Face Shape are YOU?!







5 Beauty Rules To Break!

When it comes to beauty, there are “rules” that we have heard, either from media sources like magazines, beauty blogs, and television, or even from our peers and family members.  It is time that we take a step back and really evaluate these rules and whether we should break them or not.  Here is a fun blog post I found that highlighted 5 perfect examples of beauty rules that were made to be broken!


1. Powder only after foundation.

2. Foundation is for the entire face.

3. Curl your lashes only before mascara.

4. Lip liner is for lining your lips.

5. Focus on only one feature.

For further details click here!